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05.02.18 — category: Press
A Reason for Celebrations: Uhing's 75th Anniversary

A Reason for Celebrations: Uhing's 75th Anniversary

We do not know if Joachim Uhing, the company's founder, had ever dreamt of how big the success would be. But this is for sure: even when he founded the company in 1943, the dynamic engineer focused on market niches that should provide the basis for numerous inventions and long-term success. For 75 years, the innovations developed by Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG have been supporting machine and plant manufacturers worldwide.

On March 23rd 1943, Joachim Uhing, born at Kattowitz, founded the innovative company as an engineering office at Holtenauer Straße in Kiel. Having close connections to knitting machine manufacturers, he developed a device to automate the traversing movements of the knitting carriage that until then required manual operation. He devised a housing with rolling rings travelling on a plain shaft at a variable pitch angle.

This device was to be his international breakthrough: the rolling ring drive had been invented. Since then, it is used in an ever growing number of varied industrial applications. Its main application is the winding of wires, cables and ribbon-shaped material on coils. Recently, it is also integrated in drip irrigation systems where it facilitates the process of laying out and removing tubes and flexible pipes.


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