Features of the RG and ARG / KI and AKI series


Rolling ring drive series KI and RG KI 3-15, RG 3/4-15 bis RG 3/4-80 Ausstattung KI

Rolling ring drive series AKI and ARG Roll ring drive series KI and RG with shaft, guide rails, bearing blocks and end stops Ausstattung AKI

Features Note: The dimensions and data specified for the rolling ring drives only apply for features MCR. For different features, please request the appropriate dimensional drawings!  

Changing direction of rotation
Switching mechanism for clockwise and anticlockwise direction of rotation.
Without actuator.
Ausstattung D

The direction of travel is reversed by alternatingly switching two solenoids (operating voltage: 24 V DC). No mininum traversing width required.
Caution: The solenoids are designed for an operating factor of 40%.
Do not exceed the permissible operating factor. Provided that the system is well cooled by direct installation on the drive unit, the operating factor can be multiplied by the factor 1.7, which results in a value of 68%.
Ausstattung E

Control lever, on both sides
Slows down the reversal over short, adjustable slowdown lengths. Provides slowdown control before and after the reversal. Ausstattung H

Control lever, on one side
Reversal slowdown as with H but only before the point of reversal.
For RG 15-2 / 20-2 / 30-2, this function is only available by modifying H.
Ausstattung K

Instantaneous reversal
Sudden automatic reversal of the direction of travel by means of a spring-operated reversing mechanism.
Minimum traversing width = approx. one shaft diameter.
Ausstattung M

The direction of travel is reversed by the action of a double-acting pneumatic cylinder (operating pressure p = 6 bar). No minimum traversing width required. Ausstattung N

Moving shaft
Reversal mechanism allowing the shaft to reciprocate while the rolling ring drive stands still.
Operated via two stops on the shaft.

Shifting linkage that makes contact with the spool flange to activate the reversal.  

Reversal slowdown
Reversal slowdown for slowdown lengths greater than 15 mm, effected via a cam and contact lever system. Ausstattung V

When combined with features H, K and V, reversal mechanisms E and N also allow a standstill (O). With such a combination, a start trigger (O1 or O2) is not required since the start can be triggered by operating the solenoids (E) or the pneumatic cylinder (N) accordingly.  
Pitch setting
Pitch setting via a knob (KI series) or a lever on a serrated scale (RG series). The setting applies for both directions of travel. Ausstattung C

Set screws
Infinitely variable pitch setting, separate for each direction. Ausstattung S

Worm drive
Infinitely variable pitch setting, applying for both directions of travel.
RG series: supplied without actuator; if required, a star-shaped handle can be supplied (feature X).
ARG series: supplied with adjusting spindle and remote control (either from the left or the right bearing block). Can also be supplied with a servomotor (feature X).
Roller guide
R Protection against torsional strain by rollers mounted on the side wall of the housing.
Standard feature of RG 3/4-15 - RG 3/4-80 and ARG 3/4-15 - ARG 3/4-40.

R1 Protection against torsional strain by rollers mounted on the plate.
Standard feature of ARG 3/4-50 - ARG 3/4-80.
Release lever
After the release lever has been operated, the rolling ring drive can be pushed freely along the shaft.
Caution: In vertical applications, check that the load cannot drop in an uncontrolled manner before operating the release lever. Danger of injuries!

As F but pneumatically operated.
Operating pressure p = 6 bar
Traversing width adjustment
Self-adjusting end stops
For continuously increasing or decreasing the traversing width during the winding operation. Only recommended in conjunction with the release lever (feature F). Please consult the supplier if the drive is installed vertically!

Lead screw
Remote adjustment of the traversing width from a bearing block by means of lead screws. Can also be supplied with a handwheel or a servomotor (feature X).
Stopping on the rotating shaft
The rolling ring drive is brought to a standstill on the rotating shaft by reducing the pitch to 0 (permissible standstill times can be provided on request). Only available in conjunction with reversal mechanisms H, K and V!
Drive start type O1 or O2

Pneumatic start trigger
Starting is effected by a single-acting pneumatic cylinder (operating pressure p = 6 bar) which triggers the reversal mechanism.  

Magnetic start trigger
Starting is effected by a solenoid (operating voltage: 24 V DC) which triggers the reversal mechanism.  
Load carriage
L Additional load carriage designed to take up loads and compensate forces.  
Customer-specific features
Adapter (for torque-free
coupling click here)
Support bracket
Heavy-duty guide rail
Drive motor
Special varnish
Protection against corrosions
Double bearing support
Special pitch
Noise dampening
Sequence control


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