Questionnaire covering the design of Uhing®-Rolling Ring Drives


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Type of application
1. Desired scope of delivery
2. Material to be wound
2.1. Shape
2.1.1. Round → d =

2.1.2. Flat → a =

b =

2.2. Material:
2.3. Tension force FZUG

2.4. Speed of the material to be wound Vw:

3. Spool
3.1. Material:
3.2. Core diameter Dcore =

3.3. Flange diameter Dflange =

3.4. Width (max.) C =

4. Parameters
4.1. Dimension A =

4.2. Dimension B =

4.3. What is the entire mass (except RG) to be moved linear?
m =

4.4. Has the mass a separate carriage?

4-4_Besitzt die Masse bereits eine eigene Führung:
Distance of the center of gravity of the mass from the shaft middle in direction
X =
Y =

4.5. Pitch = feed per revolution of spool
4.5.1. Maximum pitch dmax =
4.5.2. Minimum pitch dmin =

4.6. Installation position

4.7. Ambient temperature t =

4.8. Average operation/day t =
5. Additional parameters
5.1. What special regulations must be heeded?

Complete following items only when non-standard:

5.2. Traversing speed control (standard: centrally, identical for both directions):
5.3. Traversing width control (standard: manually with limit stops)
5-3_Veränderung_der_Hublänge :
In relation to the center of the drive
5.4. Reversal (standard reversal occurs mechanically):
5.5. Direction of rotation of the shaft

5.6. Additional specifications
6. Automation components and flange detecting system upon request.

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