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The Uhing Motion Drive® system is based on an Uhing rolling ring drive extended by sensors and an electronic control unit. The control unit software engineered by Uhing ensures that both components - control unit and rolling ring drive - perfectly match each other.

Description of operation

Input and control of parameters for speed, action/reversal points, traversing widths occurs via the convenient touch panel. The function keys are used to access the respective submenus such as motion programmes, task memory, maintenance management, or troubleshooting.

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  • One system to operate the widest range of spool types: rectangular, bi-conical, single conical, etc.
  • Freely definable winding patterns
  • Spool types can be stored
  • Robust and reliable rolling ring drive technology
  • The Uhing Motion Drive® also offers all the benefits of the tried and tested rolling ring drive technology
  • No more calibration and test cycles for  winding applications
  • Internal detection/elimination of errors
  • Multi-station systems are possible
  • Mechanically compatible with conventional rolling ring drives – they can be converted
  • Constant speed with different shaft speeds, or different speeds with constant shaft speed
  • Mechanical synchronisation between winding shaft and “Uhing shaft”
  • Freely definable motion programmes
  • Definable action/reversal points
  • All components compliant with industry standards
  • Integration into customer's machine controller possible
  • Flexibly adjustable - nearly all special rolling ring drive variants can be implemented


Uhing Motion Drive® in Operation

Areas of application

The Uhing Motion Drive® was designed in particular for winding and traversing processes in the wire and cable industry, and for handling and XY gantry systems.

Other feasible applications are general drive technology processes where a linear motion is required within limits specified by the respective systems.

Uhing® Press releases

Uhing Motion Drive®: Rolling Ring Drive With Freely Programmable Control Unit

It is the latest innovation by Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG. In early April, it had its roll-out on the wire2016 at Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, customers of the engineering company headquartered in Schleswig-Holstein have started implementing the Uhing Motion Drive® and were right away convinced of its flexibility and efficiency....[read more]

Uhing Motion Drive® in Operation – a Visit to the Customer

In April 2016, the latest innovation by Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG was rolled out to the public: The Uhing Motion Drive® is an Uhing rolling ring drive that was endowed “intelligence” by integrating sensors and electronic controller. A visit to a company operating it illustrates how the system proves its worth during operation....[read more]


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