Uhing® U-Clip - shaft collar for smooth shafts / tubes

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With Uhing® U-Clip Uhing® set aside the easylock®  quick clamping system a simple and low-priced alternative. 

As Easylock® Uhing® U-Clip is using a clamping ring, too which is offset to the shaft and therefore clamping forces and provided. Like a bushing the Uhing®-U-Clip is pushed forward against the to be fixed component and it automatically locks into position. To release, just pull the clamping ring towards the user.


Area of application:

  • Positioning on rotating and non-rotating shafts, e.g. wind-up and pay-off (not appropriate for torque transmission)
  • Tube to shaft (or tube) connection, e.g. tripods
  • Fixing components on shafts, e.g. dumb-bell weights
  • Quick adjustment for material guiding, e.g. packaging machines


  • Usage on hardened and soft surfaces
  • Self locking
  • One hand operation
  • Symmetrical design
  • High self locking force compared to ball systems with inclined level
  • Corrosion protected 
  • Resistant against vibration

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UC8-16: place thumb and index finger into the represses grips and push the clamping ring simultaneous down. Slide then the Uhing®-U-Clip on against the to be fixed component or pull it off easily without any resistance. After that release the grip.

UC20-35: press on release button for free movement.

Tolerance of diameter: h6 - h9

Holding force:
Specification refer to the usage of surface hardened shafts with a hardness of min. 50 HRC. In case of unhardened shafts clamping force should be reduced by 20% to prevent damage of the shafts.

Operation temperature:  max. +50 °C

Operation advice:

If after the locking of the Uhing®-U-Clip  a rising of the counterface happens, i.e. an extension of the spool, the releasing of the U-Clip can be complicated. The Elasto-Ring can remedy it.

We reserve the right to make technical alterations.


U-Clip Types and dimensions

UC8 - UC16                                                                                        UC20 - UC35



Elasto-Ring for U8 - UC35



All technical details for all types are published in our catalogue.

 Download U-Clip Catalogue


Uhing® U-Clip Press releases:

Fast-action clamping systems for plain shafts – that's how you do it

Changing spools is made easy with fast-action clamping systems for plain shafts. But how do you do this? Pictures tell more than words. For this reason, Uhing published two short on-line videos showing the Easylock fast action clamping system, and its variant, the U-Clip clamping element....[read more]

Uhing at Wire 2012 in Düsseldorf

Tensioning and clamping systems – enhanced product range

Uhing showcases sizes ELIII 10 and 40 of the Easylock fast-action clamping system that allows high torques to be transferred to coils and foil rolls on plain shafts. The customer can now choose from lighter and more ergonomic clamping modules in ten different sizes in the 10 to 40 mm diameter range.

Also shown: the U-Clip clamping element that can be used to easily secure coils on plain shafts with diameters from 8 to 30 mm.
We also showcase a new magnetic fastening element that mounts on the shaft face and, due to its smooth contours, is ideally suited for dirt-prone areas....[read more]


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