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The Uhing® rolling ring drive principle

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Uhing® Rolling ring drives are friction drives which convert the constant rotary movement of a plain shaft into a traversing movement. They operate like nuts on a screw rod but have a pitch - either right-handed or left-handed - that can be precisely adjusted and can equal zero. This effect is achieved by using pivoted Uhing® rolling rings that are mounted on roller bearings and have a specially shaped running surface which is pressed against the rotating shaft. A roller lever capable of making contact with cams arranged along the stroke path makes it possible to implement even complicated patters of motion.

The main advantages of the Uhing® rolling ring principle are:

  • highest possible efficiency due to the fact that the gear and the payload are completely supported by roller bearings
  • automatic traversing movement
  • variable traversing speeds ranging from 0 m/s to a maximum
    of 4.2 m/s; can also be separately set for the two directions with constant rotation of the shaft
  • variable traversing width and traversing position
  • high dynamics at the points of reversal
  • can be released from the shaft
  • low operating costs
  • low maintenance requirements

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NEW VIDEO: Uhing Rolling Ring Drive: Application for Drip Irrigation Systems

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Uhing® Press releases

Uhing Rolling Ring Drive: Application for Drip Irrigation Systems
The Uhing rolling ring drive has been proving its application versatility for decades. And yet, new applications are constantly emerging. The linear drive now was found to be extremely useful in agriculture – in devices that lay out and retrieve tubes or flexible pipes for drip irrigation....[read more]

Uhing produces the 100,000th RG3-15 rolling ring drive
It likes to act in secrecy, is as silent as can be, and it is tight. And yet it made it big. – Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG celebrates the anniversary of one of its top sellers.....[read more]

Uhing Motion Drive: Rolling Ring Drive With Freely Programmable Control Unit
It is the latest innovation by Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG. In early April, it had its roll-out on the wire2016 at Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, customers of the engineering company headquartered in Schleswig-Holstein have started implementing the Uhing Motion Drive and were right away convinced of its flexibility and efficiency.....[read more]

Uhing Drives Antarctic Research
Operating in one of the harshest environments on the planet, The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has, for over 60 years, undertaken the majority of Britain’s scientific research on and around the Antarctic continent. A component of the Natural Environment Research Council, BAS supports three permanent research stations based in Antarctica, along with two stations on South Georgia and is at the forefront of research on “the frozen continent”, work that recognises that “the Polar Regions may be at the ends of the Earth but what happens there affects us all”....[read more]

Uhing Combines Rolling Ring technology with controller

On the Intec in Leipzig and on the Hannover Fair, Uhing showcases product studies on the innovations for the RG Rolling Ring Drive and the RS Linear Drive Nut....[read more]

60 Years Uhing Rolling Ring Drive, or “Archimedes’ Dream”

This may well have been the dream of the mathematician Archimedes (278 to 212 B.C.) and his contemporaries: Since Ancient Greek times, there has been the desire for a helical gear variable in terms of pitch and direction. Electrical engineer Joachim Uhing made this dream come true by inventing the rolling ring drive. In 1952, he launched the first version of this device. This year, Joachim Uhing KG celebrates the 60th anniversary of its renowned product....[read more]

Uhing at Wire 2012 in Düsseldorf
Traversing system automatically ensures a cylindrical winding

To obtain a cylindrical winding in the particularly critical reversing area, Uhing has developed the AVS Traversing Width Controller that does not require any interference-prone optical sensors. The traversing system used here is the well-known Uhing rolling ring drive featuring pneumatically controlled reversing triggered by a microcontroller.....[read more]


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